Catching up

It has been over four months since my last post appeared on my blog. Been out of the writing for a while, not out of the wines. In contrary, I have been busier than ever, tasting, drinking, reading but above all working hard, really hard. I now have the honourable position to sell the fabulous wines of Bibendum Wine Co. on the Perth market, a huge task regarding the sheer size of the portfolio and the limits of one single person… However, it’s a pleasure to work with wines from producers like Larmandier Bernier, Huet SA, Georges Vernay, Tardieu Laurent and Rene Barbier to name just a few.

Although I was familiar with some of the producers, new windows have opened for me and new paths had to be explored. This means spending more money on drinking wines from my own stable and less resources for others. Besides that, I have decided to make a serious effort to start a modest private cellar. Again, this means less resources for every day upmarket drinking while stashing away the real treasures for later. So the question is where to go with this blog? Although I have never made an effort to offer a  comprehensive source for imported wines, I always wanted to inform my readers about different, exciting and above all good wines. I’m dedicated – resources allowing – to continue doing this, however, at a much lower publication rate. In the meantime I will keep you informed on producers, regions and everything vinous worth knowing. Salute!

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