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Marcarini Moscato d’Asti 2005

November 14, 2007

img_3713.jpgOne of my favourite styles of dessert wine is Moscato d’Asti. Made from Moscato Bianco grapes grown in the provinces of Asti, Cuneo and Alessandria it is lightly sweet and effervescent. The sweetness retained in the wine is a result of the fermentation process being artificially halted by chilling the fermenting juice. This greatly reduces or stops the yeast activity leaving unfermented sugar in the wine. Generally this happens when the wine has reached between 5% to 6% alcohol by volume. Because fermentation and bottling take place under sealed and pressurized conditions the wine is slighly fizzy hence why it’s called semi-sparkling or frizzante. Although Moscato d’Asti somehow is still underrated by many consumers, I’ve got the impression that this relatively unknown but unique wine style is getting increasingly popular. And why not, apart from acting as the perfect companion for fruit based desserts this versatile low-alcoholic wine can also play the starring role as a thirst-quencher on hot summer days for die-hard winos like myself. Most small quality-minded producers aim to make wines with character and personality and Poderi Marcarini is one of them. The grapes for this Moscato are sourced from the Cascina Sargentin vineyards located in the Neviglie zone of the appellation. Light straw in colour this wine shows a fragrant and characteristic nose of peaches, grapes, nectarines and white flowers that leads to a well structured and lively palate where the residual sugar is delicately balanced by crisp mineral acidity. Buy it now and drink it with your Christmas pudding. 88 points.

Source: Trembath & Taylor/Dave Mullen  Price: $34  Drink: Now